Through using all mask studio equipment’s and facilities mask studios was able to shoot some of cinema movies inside plateau

  • Gana El Bian El Taly acted by Mohamed Henidy and directed by Saied Hamed in year 2001
  • Friends or Business acted by Hany salma and directed by Ali Edris in year 2001
  • Khali min al colestrol acted by Ashraf Abd El Baky and directed by Mohamed Abou Yossef in year 2005
  • Wesh Egram acted by Mohamed henidy and directed by wael Ehsan in year 2006
  • Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story acted by Mona Zakii and directed by Yousry Nasr Allaha in year 2009
  • Mawlana acted by Amro Saied and directed by Magdy Ahmed Ali in year 2016