Exterior shooting complexes

Misc  introduces exterior shooting complexes designed to bring the action happening on the spot using satellite and this complexes include the required  staff :

  • Four Cameras E30 with switcher
  • BTS sound mixture
  • Two digital video that fits up to 8 cameras
  • Digital Camera
  • Sound mixture
  • Digital effects
  • Names writer
  • Unites for color control
  • Digital recording system
  • Wireless and wire mic
  • Sound effects
  • Various sound system

Advanced Light units for internal and external shooting

Canon 5D portable camera with various lens size

Through this place you can create your own decorations related to your program or dramatic work; this complex allows you to completely design your own space

Great studio designed to make dublage for all your programs with ability to translate to various languages upon request using pro apple tool.

It includes a group of professionals with high qualifications in 2D/3D graphic designing , motion photos, especial effects with high quality.

This section involves all drama work translating it from Arabic to English and frensh and from any two languages into Arabic.